Awake India day
World Wellness Congress 15-17 Aug 2008.
Field Visit 18 Aug 2008.

Mid-year National Board of Directors Meet of World Wellness Forum organized at Mumbai on 16 May 2008.

Immemorable Glimpses of Noniday and World Congress of Integrated Medicines

8am to 8am 2008 Workshop by Prof. Dr. Sir. P. I .Peter

Field Visit 2008

Noni Cultivation Programme

Noni Day

Foreign Trip and Holidaying

Warehouse / RDC Inauguration

Field Visit

Indian Noni Army

Best of the Best


World Congress of Integrated Medicine


Chennai - March 2008


Exquisite ‘Convocation Ceremony’ in
Fisherman Cove Beach Heaven!!


Great Great News!
5 Indians Receive Knighthood Title


15 Honorary Doctorates Awarded During World Congress Convocation


Successful Students of DCNT Course Shine during Convocation Ceremony


6 Sessions! 51 Technical Papers!!
Wide Range of Topics in WCIM


Exclusive Chinese Sessions & ‘Shey - Shey’ Language Lessons


‘Noni Family’ Draws Special Praise from International Delegates


WWOU Gives Special Wellness Awards During Closing Ceremony of WCIM


Future of Alternative Therapy is Bright: Sri D R Kartikeyan, Chief Guest


Malaysia - May 2007


An amazing trip… Cherished Moments… @ Malaysia , Bangkok and Pattaya

Malaysia , Bangkok and Pattaya


Sri Lanka- November 2007


Amazing Participation
 & Inauguration

Hon. Doctorates

Chairman's Convocation of Knight Commander



An Exclusive Dinner Party

 Special Chairman's Reception Dinner to Hon. Doctorate and the team


Heavenly Twists!
Breath-Taking Melodies!!
Sri Lanka is the Paradise for Dances!

An Exciting Journey to
 Sri Lanka


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